Youth learn the importance of Saving

10/7/15 12:34 PM

ASPIRES (Accelerating Strategies for Practical Innovation and Research in Economic Strengthning) is a program of May’khethele that works with young people between the ages of 14-24 years,(60% females and 40% males).youth-learn-the-importance-of-saving1 To improve the long term economic security and HIV prevention knowledge and skills. Facilitation is conducted in schools and in camp settings. Sessions cover topics such as Financial Capability Training and HIV prevention education. Within small groups creative and interactive sessions are run with youth. Obstacle courses at camps are effective for training on perseverance, creative thinking, team spirit and patience in challenging situations.

youth-learn-the-importance-of-saving2Some of the feedback from learners who attended a camp in August 2015 at Roselands campsite:

“I learnt…”

  • that the ways to succeed are not always straightforward
  • the difference between a loan shark and a bank
  • the importance of budgeting and saving money
  • how to spend money wisely
  • that saving is for everyone, not just adults or rich people
  • the importance of working together
  • the 7 steps of saving