04/29/19 10:30 AM

The Bridge team hosted a team building day at Umgeni Road Park next to the YFC/KZN Durban offices on Friday, 12 April 2019. The aim of the team building day was to present the team with an opportunity to reflect on the previous term or quarter and its outcomes.

According to The Bridge Project Director, Thulani Zondi, the day saw the team identifying last term’s successes and opportunities where the team can improve in the upcoming term. He added that they also set goals and priorities for the upcoming term. “We introduced and welcomed the new staff and we also applauded all those who worked very hard the previous term”, said Zondi. He added that the “staff of the term” and those who improved scooped certificates of appreciation.

HR Student, Nhlanhla Buthelezi who was part of the event said they had an opportunity to engage with The Bridge management at a level where everyone was equal. He said this allowed them to know each other better at a personal level. “It was exciting to meet and interact with the team since I only knew the names of most people but never had an opportunity to meet and interact with them”, said Buthelezi.

Seven benefits of team-building activities for work purposes


  1. Boost in motivation
  2. Increased employee satisfaction
  3. Enhanced problem-solving skills
  4. Better communication
  5. Happier staff
  6. Improved self-esteem

Work-life balance