Teaching young people about HIV/AIDS in schools

10/7/15 12:31 PM

The Edutainment team had a 4 day HIV/AIDS workshop with the Grade 8’s at Umlungisi High School in Pietermaritzburg. They went to this school with 2 facilitators. maykhethele-hiv-aids-lessonThe workshop was very successful as the children were participative, they were very eager to learn and they were respectful which made the edutainment’s work easier. The team delivered the message about HIV through Drama and Dance which was specifically designed to deliver the lesson. On one of the days they also did a vigil, giving learners the opportunity to reflect on those who are living with HIV/AIDS including those who died of the virus. This is a very personal time for learners, which also gives them time to think about their own lives and decision making. The vigil went very well and touched many learners.

Helping abused children in schools

The facilitators are working hard in schools to bring about change in the lives of young people. In one of their sessions they came across a difficult situation: a 14 year old girl in Grade 9 was refered to them by the class teacher as she was raped. They listen to the story and they were forced to rush her immediately to the nearest clinic before getting her parents’s consent. She needed the Post-exposure prophylaxis (PEP) treatment which is the is a short-term anti-retroviral (ARV) treatment that reduces the likelihood of HIV infection after exposure to HIV-infected blood or sexual contact with an HIV-positive person. She was raped two days ago so needed immediate attention. The principal was very helpful as he allowed the facilitators to rush the girl to the clinic regardless of the school protocol. They also accompanied her to the police station to open a case and that was succsesful, she was very happy to know that she had their support while her mother did not want anything to do with the case. The girl received proper treatment in time, she was no longer at risk of getting pregnant. Unfortunately she tested positive for HIV and the results were not the outcome of the rape as it was still in the window period. She might have contracted the virus elsewhere as she did not know about her status. Knowing hr status was good, as she started the process of taking Anti Retro Viral treatment.