Relationship Building Session

09/11/15 3:09 PM

As part of the Relationship Building session, the interns looked at community development, confidentiality, youth work with minimal resources and outreach skills. Through these sessions interns were able to learn many different things about building relationships with young people.

Some of their comments:-

  • Community development is about changing people’s lives
  • You can make something beautiful with your own creativity without using money
  • There are things we do to try to solve the problem of the children on the streets but sometimes we have to let them do things for themselves
  • That it is very professional and advisable to keep a child’s secrets confidential because it strengthens your relationship
  • Communities are created because people are sharing the same interests
  • Children living on the streets are the same human beings as I am, seeking love and attention
  • Confidentiality can be breached but under certain conditions if it’s in the best interest of a child, or if the child or someone is at risk of harm.
  • Recycled materials are fun and inexpensive when playing with children. You don’t really need much, just hands, ideas and sometimes someone else’s ideas

relationship-building-session-lesson Further feedback from the interns, who shared what they feel will change in their work and personal lives as a result of the Relationship Building Session:

  • There will be a difference on how I handle confidential conversation
  • I must plan before doing something and do things with a purpose
  • Listen to the child attentively, not judge the child, be creative but spend less money
  • The will think about the words I use, before I speak
  • Everyone can change
  • Give full attention to anyone who speaks to me
  • I will think before saying things that can harm others, because the tongue/what we say can cause a lot of harm
  • I will be able to listen and understand children better because of having intentional conversations. I’ve learnt to help children solve their own problems.
  • I will save recycled materials and try to do more creative games with it
  • It will change are lot as I have learnt how to speak with another person and know what questions I must avoid to ask



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