Poem written by an Australian Volunteer

09/29/15 11:37 AM


We live where we work,
And we work where we live.
Through discussions and chats,
We’re taught how to give.
We’re here for the children,
For their smiles and tears.
Through their laughter and tantrums,
So they overcome their fears.

Whether we’re in the shelter,
Or out in the community,
The staff and interns we work with,
Offer us a sense of unity.
Though language can be a barrier,
We try with all our might.
Zulu is not easy to learn,
And we hardly get it right.

You can always hear us laughing,
When we’re at home at the YDC.
No matter which country you’re from,
It is yourself you are free to be.
The house might be a mess,
And the dishes might not be done.
It’s only ‘cos when we’re together,
We’re having too much fun.

We’re gaining new perspectives,
And seeing with opened eyes.
We’re becoming our own family,
Through the lows and the highs.
We’re always full of questions,
Though so much can’t be explained.
Because of all that we’ve witnessed,
Our hearts are forever changed.




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