Photo Policy

Children’s faces in the media are fast becoming a big issue. Questions are being raised about children’s rights to privacy and also the problem of informed consent.

youth-for-christ-kzn-photo-policy-image-1YFC/KZN has decided that children (under the age of 16) are unable to give informed consent and therefore their faces (recognizable likeness) will not be used in any form of media. Legally, obtaining consent from a minor’s guardian would solve this problem, but we are of the opinion that this is not respecting the child’s rights.

Therefore, given the vulnerability of the children we work with, we have made the decision to adhere to this photo policy in all publications.

For youth and adults over the age of 16, the consent form must be completed to obtain approval to use their photo.

Download Consent Form

If you have any queries about the photo policy you are welcome to contact the Marketing Co-ordinator.

youth-for-christ-kzn-photo-policy-image-2Katha Mkhize
Communications Officer
033 345 2970
[email protected]