May’khethele – Choma Cafés

06/5/18 12:56 PM

The May’khethele DREAMS program was fortunate to receive four Choma Cafés last year.

The Choma Cafés aim to provide girl-friendly, safe and fun meeting spaces for DREAMS program activities including psycho-social support, life and financial capabilities skills, HIV prevention, skills development and access to the internet and other resources. The Café creates a safe space for Girls to talk about their problems and to research about topics on; which has answers to all questions young girls have and are often scared to ask.

The Cafés are Wifi-enabled to provide the girls with easy access to the internet, and also solar powered, which makes them self-sustaining, sustainable and eco-friendly.

The Choma Cafés are located in four of our schools and are opened daily for girls to access them. There is also a staff member with them if they want to talk with someone in person.