Malte and Judith’s feedback

09/11/15 4:00 PM

At the moment we are eight volunteers from Germany and Holland at the YDC, all helping in different projects of Youth for Christ – KZN. We, Judith and Malte are working together in the two shelters.

We will share a bit about our work- The work in the shelter is very varied – from helping with homework, planning special events, playing cards 24 hours a day or just being a friend the kids can lean on. We started a new programme at the beginning of the school year. We now have separate homework times with the younger boys twice a week. Our main goal is to help them to improve their performance /achievement in school and their English skills as well as to provide a fun way of learning. In this time we include fun action games, English-learning-games and extra exercises. The aim is to encourage the boys to enjoy their time of study that is why we connect their homework with fun. It is not always easy for us to control the young Zulu speaking boys with too much energy, but all in all we have a great time. One of the recent special events planned was a small African soccer cup, which took part on a Saturday afternoon. We divided the boys and girls in 8 “nations” and made them play a small tournament. Another activity which took part on Valentine´s Day was to create personal Valentine´s Cards with the boys. It was very nice to see, what they wrote and how creative they can be. Let´s not forget the girls, every Tuesday we meet together with them and do different games, chatting and other activities. One thing they really enjoyed was painting a big picture. We drew a helix and divided it into many squares, so that they were able to create a new design working together as a team. We really enjoy our work in the shelters because we can teach them as well as build relationships with them.


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