Janine Hoogendoorn returns and visits YFC

09/11/15 4:01 PM

The sad thing is that there will always be children on the streets. Struggles at home and all kinds of problems. The good thing is that Youth for Christ continues to bring sparkles if hope which is life changing.

janine-hoogendoorn-returns-and-visits-yfcIn 2003, I arrived in Pietermariztburg for the first time. In 2004 returned for half a year and lived at the YDC House while volunterrig at Khayalethu and L’Abri. Returning to Holland did not make me forget about all the people I had met and the compassion I had seen. YFC has been life changing for me as well! I decided to study social work when I returned to Hollansd. I had a degree in Economics by that time, but did not really know what to do with it by then. Through my stay in SA and being a social worker, I found that this is really important to me. To walk with people through their journeys in life, support and assist them when needed, but not making them dependent. Bringing sparkles of hope and at the end to make them feel proud of things they’ve achieved themselves. The other thing I found out by experience is the importance of cultures to serve people in an effective way you need to know their culture form inside out.

YFC serves here in KZN and I serve in Holland for that’s the place where I belong.   People from SA have stayed in my heart, while I was serving the homeless in Holland. I came back to SA in 2005 & 2006 for a visit for a few weeks. Now after 6 years I came back again. What a warm experience! It has really been special! Children from the shelter are all grown up now. Colleagues from YFC have matured and are mastering their struggles and are still full of compassion. I have met some of the children who used to stay at Khayalethu in 2003 and 2004. Some of them have something to be proud of, and they are! Some are living at home and taking care of responsibilities in the home. They have come from a life of survival to a life if building and sustaining. It was sad to hear that some of the children did not survive the rough and tough life and went back to the streets.

I know that YFC is doing its job well, it’s just always sad to see children on the streets. I believe God is using the compassionate people at YFC to bring life changing opportunities to young people.


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