Impact story from the KwaDambuza Youth Centre

09/11/15 3:14 PM

A 25 year old girl came to the Youth Centre in search of help. She was trapped in a cycle of using various drugs; mandrax, dagga, alcohol and cigarettes. She attended the Behavioural Change Programme and was referred to SANCA for the necessary detox process. Once she was clean from substance abuse, she returned to the Centre and complete a computer course under the Vocational Skills Program. She was one of the top students in a class of 40 learners and received the opportunity to apply for a Learnership. In addition, she was selected to assist the primary school children with computer skills, so she is also ploughing back into her community. She is extremely grateful for the opportunity she was afforded at the Centre, and is excited about how much her life has changed. She is more positive, is able to address a crowd because she is proud of her achievement and believes her life has direction, thanks to the hope she was given from KwaDambuza Youth Centre.