I learnt so much

09/29/15 11:30 AM

I have learnt so much about children, children’s rights and responsibilities, the importance of playing, how to play and entertain children, games, different learning styles, creative facilitation techniques, filler games and ice breakers, intentional conversations, being more professional, appropriate CV writing, interviews, problem solving, to open the bible, to work with people, to give children support and love, to understand children and the importance of planning and hoping

I’ve also learnt some things about myself. I have learnt to save money as before it was very difficult for me to save but equally I’ve learnt that money is not everything in life. I’ve learnt to communicate and to respect other people’s opinions and respect our diversity. We should appreciate one another and never judge because all of us we are here we from different backgrounds and we need to be humble and patience to be able to help the people we want to help. I have learnt how to be a better person in life and skills to tackle every obstacle.

I have learned so much and have tried my best to apply it to my work.

Dealing with social issues

The training focused on different social issues – Children’s Rights, Alcohol and Drugs, Disability, HIV/AIDS etc.

Some feedback from the interns on Alcohol and Drugs:

  • I learnt that drugs can be grouped according to the effects they have on your body
  • I learnt that you can be very dangerous when your body and mind is controlled by the drugs

Some feedback from interns on Disability:

  • I learnt that I need to be patient when working with someone who has a disability, and not to do everything for them, but rather to ask them before
  • Treat them like I would like to be treated giving them my full attention, but also allowing them to have their own space


Some feedback from the interns on HIV and AIDS:

  • Testing is vital. It’s important to know your status, and your partners status
  • You can get infected with HIV even if you have not had sex. There are many other ways that you can get infected with the disease.


Children’s Rights:

dealing-with-social-issues-childrens-rightsChildren have a right to:

  • Privacy
  • To be heard
  • To education
  • To play
  • To information
  • To be safe
  • To religion
  • To visit parents when they live far
  • To be protected from harm
  • To health care
  • To shelter
  • To food


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