Financial Donations

If you are interested in supporting YFC/KZN financially here are a few ways to do so.

Giving a general financial donation

In giving unspecified donations you are giving to the ‘Sustainability Reserve.’ The Sustainability Reserve is the name of the general reserve for YFC/KZN. This account helps fund necessary expenses in the work of YFC/KZN, expenses which are otherwise hard to obtain funding for. These expenses sometimes seem not to have a direct impact on our work with children and youth, yet without them our work could not continue.

All unspecified donations are credited to this fund. Because of this fund projects can plan and budget with more certainty, and the risk of staff retrenchments is greatly reduced in the event of a financial crisis.

Sponsor a child’s education

Sponsor a child’s education for R3500 per year, which covers books, stationery, uniform and a monthly food parcel. You will receive reports updating you on how the funds have been spent and on the progress of the child.

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Sponsor a project

If you would like to sponsor a YFC/KZN project (i,e Khayalethu Project) your money might be used for the training and development of staff, resources for programs, running costs, workshops, camps etc. The length of sponsorship and the amount given are whatever you would like and are able to sponsor.