Feli shares about her experiences

09/11/15 3:59 PM

When I arrived, it was very soon clear to me that I would work in the Outreach team. There is a great diversity in the things you can learn and experience.  Things I have never heard of or seen before!  This is my fifth month working with Khayalethu Outreach Team and I must say I enjoy it a lot. Okay so now let me explain what happens in the Outreach team and what I am doing there in between of Zulus and a lot of men.

feli-playing-volleyballI am in the team which works in the Northdale area.  In this area there is a lot of younger children on the streets, between the ages of 10 to 20 years. We hang out with them together in the park and run our new designed weekly program. It includes exercising, art in the park and washing and bathing. Every once in a while we have to change our program. We decided to stop washing and bathing, because it doesn’t make any sense anymore, children in this age prefer to stay dirty. But we are also introducing new things. For example we connected with the owner of the garage besides the “jungle” a place, where the children living on the streets are staying. He allowed us to use his parking places at the back to run our program and he even donates food to us.

feli-spending-time-with-childEvery once in a while there is also a program, which we call night outreach. We leave the office around 5pm, after we have already worked all day!  During the evenings there is a special vibe on the streets, the children are more open, more active and we have some good times interacting with them. Unfortunately work also entails having to butter up to 25 loaves of bread for washing and bathing at the boys shelter.  It also entails finding all kinds of official documents for beneficiaries or waiting for what feels like eternity at the clinics, when children need treatment.  This is the not so nice part of it.

Besides work, there is still a lot more to discover in Pietermaritzburg, or maybe more general in South Africa. After two flat tyres in one month I am now able to change the tyres on my own. I have taken a minitaxi/combie to the Liberty Mall now and I know now the differences between “just now”, “ now” and “now now”. J I survived three days without any water in our house and four days without electricity in our house! There is still a lot to learn and to discover and I am never ever South African….but I am on my way to it. But one of the things I will probably never learn is walking in the same speed than the South Africans. It is just toooo slowly. Sorry guys!


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