Economic Strengthening & Dealing with Social Ills

09/11/15 3:11 PM

The Outreach Team is still doing wonders in promoting the economic strengthening to the communities. With the endless support of the seedlings donation from the Sunshine Seedlings, we are able to distribute the seedlings to the needy groups. Once they have planted the seedlings, they monitor them until they reach the harvesting time. They harvest and sell the crops to the market. The profit they get, they use it to buy new seedlings for their economic sustainability. The Outreach Team focus on social ills such as HIV/AIDS, child abuse, poverty and gender based violence by addressing the root causes of these social ills and improving prevention strategies. We do awareness campaigns targeted for all women, men, senior-citizens, people living with disabilities, youth and children.     Photos of the Kwanoshezi Gardening Project:

economic-strengthening-and-dealing-with-social-ills1 economic-strengthening-and-dealing-with-social-ills2