Change Agents – Peer Educator Training

08/6/18 10:00 AM

The Change Agents Project ran a winter holiday camp for the Peer Leaders who are a very important aspect of our work.

We all have stories to tell and what these young people shared gave the Team a good idea of the challenges the Peer Leaders are dealing with and what needs to be looked at.

They all shared their stories of how life would have been different with caring parents. One of the peers wrote the following poem.

What kind of a mother are you

You chose a man over your daughter

You left me a house so that I can stay alone, where is the warmth in that house

Who do I share my happiness and frustrations with?

How do you even sleep at night knowing very well that you left a girl child alone?

I feel like an orphan yet you are alive

I had to change schools 6 times just because in every school I get bullied

Who should I tell, who will fight for me?

In grade 9 I almost went to jail because I stabbed a girl, who was a close friend

I shared my misery with her but then when we had an argument she called me an orphan

You’re very happy taking care of your stepchildren but you abandoned me.

I almost got rapped when someone was trying to get into the house at night while I was alone

And all you said was why I didn’t lock the door….

What kind of mother are you

It would’ve been better to know that you died.



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