May’khethele – HIV and AIDS testing

06/5/18 2:37 PM

The May’khethele Project regularly provides HIV and AIDS testing in schools, together with partner organisation from PEPFAR.

The testing is offered to every student for free, they just need to fill a consent form, because we believe that it is important for every child to know their own status so the right treatment and support can be provided.

If a child tests positive, May’khethele provides counselling to talk about the meaning of the virus and how we can help. Every positive child is supported to go to the clinic immediately and start treatment.

Support Groups with other HIV positive children are getting formed where everyone gets the chance to talk about their experiences, their fears and their problems.

The May’khethele Project also makes sure to check on the family structure at home and provide additional support should there be not enough support at home, as it is important to take the medicine on time and to eat healthy.


May’khethele – Choma Cafés

06/5/18 12:56 PM

The May’khethele DREAMS program was fortunate to receive four Choma Cafés last year.

The Choma Cafés aim to provide girl-friendly, safe and fun meeting spaces for DREAMS program activities including psycho-social support, life and financial capabilities skills, HIV prevention, skills development and access to the internet and other resources. The Café creates a safe space for Girls to talk about their problems and to research about topics on; which has answers to all questions young girls have and are often scared to ask.

The Cafés are Wifi-enabled to provide the girls with easy access to the internet, and also solar powered, which makes them self-sustaining, sustainable and eco-friendly.

The Choma Cafés are located in four of our schools and are opened daily for girls to access them. There is also a staff member with them if they want to talk with someone in person.

Youth learn the importance of Saving

10/7/15 12:34 PM

ASPIRES (Accelerating Strategies for Practical Innovation and Research in Economic Strengthning) is a program of May’khethele that works with young people between the ages of 14-24 years,(60% females and 40% males).


Teaching young people about HIV/AIDS in schools

10/7/15 12:31 PM

The Edutainment team had a 4 day HIV/AIDS workshop with the Grade 8’s at Umlungisi High School in Pietermaritzburg. They went to this school with 2 facilitators.


Impact story from the KwaDambuza Youth Centre

09/11/15 3:14 PM

A 25 year old girl came to the Youth Centre in search of help. She was trapped in a cycle of using various drugs; mandrax, dagga, alcohol and cigarettes. She attended the Behavioural Change Programme and was referred to SANCA for the necessary detox process.


Economic Strengthening & Dealing with Social Ills

09/11/15 3:11 PM

The Outreach Team is still doing wonders in promoting the economic strengthening to the communities. With the endless support of the seedlings donation from the Sunshine Seedlings, we are able to distribute the seedlings to the needy groups. Once they have planted the seedlings, they monitor them until they reach the harvesting time. They harvest and sell the crops to the market. The profit they get, they use it to buy new seedlings for their economic sustainability.