Car Stickers

Have you felt burdened when you see children living on the streets?
Feel guilty for not giving money when a child begs at your car?


YFC street worker

TENNYSON HOUSE AND KHAYALETHU Outreach Teams work daily on the streets of Durban and Pietermaritzburg with children and youth living on the streets. Young people who are trapped in a cycle of disappointment, addiction and a hopeless frame of mind. The Outreach Team steps into their world and through interactive programs builds trust and offers opportunities for them to change, and choose a life fuelled with hope.



Do you want to help, but don’t know how?

This is where we appeal to YOU, the motorists of Durban and Pietermaritzburg to purchase a car sticker to support the work of Tennyson House and Khayalethu Outreach Team.

The car sticker sells for R50 and is placed on your front windscreen at the driver’s side. It also serves as message to the person who knocks on your window, showing that you do care, you have contributed and you want them to change!

khayalethu-car-sticker tennyson-house-car-sticker

Purchase your car sticker from our offices:
Pietermaritzburg office
187 Pine Street, Pietermaritzburg.
Durban office
1280 Umgeni Road, Durban.

For more information contact:
Nonku Ndima
031 3031058
[email protected]
Simphiwe Sithole
033 3944057
[email protected]