Youth Day Celebration

07/4/22 12:16 PM

We are always encouraged to eat healthy in order for our bodies to remain healthy. Children and Youth are generally believed to be the future of any nation and their proper development is of significance to a healthy nation. However, the situation of our street children and youth in Pietermaritzburg is a source of concern.

Khayalethu outreach program serves children meals every day as their living conditions are a great concern. This year for the youth day celebration (16 June) they implemented nutrition lessons as they were serving a healthy balanced meal which consisted of tons of veggies, cae and proteins. This initiative was taken to give them an awareness of the foods that they sometimes eat because they tend to eat anything they lay their hands on as long as it is food without proper guidance. The importance of a good diet cannot be trivialized because of the value of nutritious food to the human body.

Epworth School got involved also by donating sandwiches and Mrs Khan a street Vendor donated fruits for the day. When speaking to Blessing Zondi Outreach coordinator he advised that “I’m glad that we took this day to focus mainly on the food part, because even those who were passing by showed interest in what we were discussing, I can say this day was a success”.


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