Youth taking part in small businesses

09/11/15 12:55 PM

Ikhethelo Youth Development is bringing about change to the youth by doing different activities with them such as baking and gardening.

youth-taking-part-in-small-businessesYoung people bake cakes and sell it at a profit, however at first they sold the cakes below cost, forgetting that they need to calculate the amount they spent for the material and calculate how much profit they are going to gain in order to save money for the next baking material. It is good that these mistakes happened as it taught them how to calculate cost, add profit and have sufficient money to purchase the next baking material. One of the participants, Julia shared that being part of Ikhethelo has been beneficial to her because normally she would do house chores, watch TV and then sleep. She did not have much to do.

The Ikhethelo Youth Development found a very large area for gardening, but they needed more man power and enough tools to clean it. They invited the Edutainment team to assist them with cleaning the area for gardening. Some women witnessed this and came to sign up to the project, saying that they heard about the project and would like to be part of the group. This is encouraging!

Feedback from one of the women in Ikhethelo Program:

“Ikhethelo has taught me how to prioritise my goals. I have come to realise that if you want something, you must go after it and achieve it! You do not have to sit at home but you need to use your mind and your hand and earn a living. Ikhethelo Youth Development can go far if there is unity amongst the team members and we accept and use the skills of everyone that lends a helping hand. I wish to see Ikhethelo creating job opportunities amongst the youth in the community, and generating income. I am very glad to know that I will part of that success.”


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