Sex and Abstinence Lifeskills

09/11/15 3:05 PM

Change Agents organised a workshop with Grade 7 learners at Maphephetheni. On the first day of the programme they had 41 learners and they were very excited to be part of the programme. The team did a drama called “Sex and Abstinence” and the learners shared what they had seen and learned.

Sex and abstinance lifeskillsThe learners participated well with the facilitators and volunteered to do some of the ice breakers. This showed that they understood what was happening and they were willing to learn and receive new information. Within the small groups they did a self-awareness activity called “River of Life”. It spoke about the good and the bad things that had happened in their lives. They were told to draw these things and present it to their groups. Some learners were not willing to share what they had been through as they felt embarrassed. The facilitators motivated them and as a result they began to share what they had written. This encouraged almost the entire group to share.

Learners also got a chance to receive information about HIV/AIDS. However, most of them seemed confused as they thought you cannot get the virus if you are young. After the facilitator spoke about the different ways of transmission learners became aware and understood that AIDS is there and it kills. Everyone needs to know their status and everyone needs to be careful whether young or old.


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