Feedback from young people living on the streets

09/29/15 11:34 AM

When asked what you are good at, the Outreach Team gathered the following responses from young people living on the streets:

  • I can sing and I am good in using my hands
  • I can cook, write and clean anywhere
  • I can play soccer
  • I am good in gardening
  • I am good in communicating with people


feedback-from-young-people-living-on-the-streets2 “How can we empower you to get away from your current life on the streets?” questioned the Outreach Team:

  • By getting a job
  • By keeping busy with something else (e.g. schooling/work/joining programmes)
  • By getting motivated (e.g. for changing our own life)
  • By telling  people about our own life experience to help those heading the same wrong direction so they can change their lives while it’s still early and make something better out of their lives
  • By respecting each other
  • Entrepreneurship
  • By using the own skills
  • By using art (e.g. singing, dancing, drawing, craft, guitar playing)
  • Through the shelter
  • Through education
  • Through financial support
  • Through commitments
  • Through quitting drugs
  • Through good behaviour

feedback-from-young-people-living-on-the-streets3This led to the next question “What is required for you to stop using drugs?” and their responses were as follows:

  • Keeping busy
  • Be surrounded by people who are positive about life
  • Rehabilitation program
  • Assistance in making important decisions
  • Self-discipline to help stay away from drugs


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