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HIV/AIDS has had devastating effects on the communities. The aim of Change Agents is to have youth and communities (parents, guardians, educators) informed on HIV/AIDS and related issues, so that positive decisions can be made. The prevalence of teenage pregnancy indicates that young people are not using condoms. Young people (puberty to young adulthood) are caught in the web of unprotected sexual encounters, which is also a societal problem. Such risky behavior within society (adults and teenagers) consequently leads to the following:

change-agentsHIV/AIDS stigma & discrimination school dropouts gender related abuse and exploitation parents sickness and death

The Change Agents Project is structured to meet the needs of the following:

  1. Primary beneficiaries – children:
    • Lifeskills and campaigns through peer education,
    • awareness through edutainment
  2. Secondary beneficiaries – women:
    • out of school youth who are unemployed and prone to vulnerabilities.
    • parents and caregivers who engage in transactional sex which can lead to unplanned pregnancies, sexually transmitted diseases or HIV.


The project aims to achieve the following objectives:

  • Enable an environment for the peer leaders and preparation to develop other children in life skills and awareness
  • Promoting safer sexual behaviors and sexual norms among young people through working with school and raising awareness and encourage HIV/AIDS Voluntary Testing
  • Develop leadership skills and confidence amongst school children to lead in the HIV/AIDS Prevention work
  • Promoting a coordinated fight against HIV and AIDS by establishing and strengthening socio economic skills with secondary beneficiaries (Ikhethelo Community Development Project)


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