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Poem written by an Australian Volunteer

09/29/15 11:37 AM


We live where we work,
And we work where we live.
Through discussions and chats,
We’re taught how to give.
We’re here for the children,
For their smiles and tears.
Through their laughter and tantrums,
So they overcome their fears.


Janine Hoogendoorn returns and visits YFC

09/11/15 4:01 PM

The sad thing is that there will always be children on the streets. Struggles at home and all kinds of problems. The good thing is that Youth for Christ continues to bring sparkles if hope which is life changing.


Malte and Judith’s feedback

09/11/15 4:00 PM

At the moment we are eight volunteers from Germany and Holland at the YDC, all helping in different projects of Youth for Christ – KZN. We, Judith and Malte are working together in the two shelters.


Feli shares about her experiences

09/11/15 3:59 PM

When I arrived, it was very soon clear to me that I would work in the Outreach team. There is a great diversity in the things you can learn and experience.  Things I have never heard of or seen before!  This is my fifth month working with Khayalethu Outreach Team and I must say I enjoy it a lot. Okay so now let me explain what happens in the Outreach team and what I am doing there in between of Zulus and a lot of men.


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