Parents Workshop

Parents Workshop

09/11/15 3:57 PM

In June, the residential care team held a Parents workshop with the aim of providing parents with skills on the issues observed during our interaction with both parents and children.


Feedback from two of the crèche teachers

09/11/15 3:56 PM

“The programme is educationale. The children were excited to hear music and dance for it. I personally loved the puppet show because it educates them about hygiene which is something they sometimes don’t do. Some of them don’t wash their hands after using the toilet, but as the puppet show was clear to them I hope they will follow the instruction.”


Children make commitment after lifeskills sessions

09/11/15 3:22 PM

In the session about Hygiene the children made the following commitments:

  • The children promised to clean themselves and their rooms,
  • To keep their heart pure from hate,
  • To keep their home yards clean and free from litter,
  • To keep the centre clean and neat.


Lack of love at home

09/11/15 3:19 PM

Once in a while new children are identified on the streets of Durban. Tennyson House Outreach Team works hard in bringing about change to the children living on the street. They approach the children in order to find out the reasons that brought them on the street.

One of the children that they identified as new on the street began to share her problem. Her mother passed away few years ago, when she was doing grade 7. She was left with her aunt as her guardian who neglected her basic needs such as Education, clothes and she always went to school without food in her stomach.


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