12/5/18 9:59 AM

The Tennyson House Girls Shelter hosted a reunification workshop on Saturday, 24 November 2018 at Burman Bush Park. The purpose of this workshop was to prepare both the parents and children for the reunification as the children will be returning to their respective homes, families and communities soon.

According to the Tennyson House Social Worker, Lethu Hlengwa, the workshop attendance was beyond their expectation. She said the parents and the extended family members of the beneficiaries showed commitment and great support for the children by attending in large numbers.



11/19/18 10:00 AM

The Westville Rotary club members have recently reached out to the Tennyson House Girls Shelter. Vince Dummer installed a new burglar door gate in the kitchen on Tuesday, 6 November 2018 and on Thursday, 8 November 2018, Christel Barrett made a donation of puzzles and clothes to the girls.



11/16/18 2:00 PM

The Tennyson House Aftercare Coordinator, Nomusa Khumalo and the parents of the Aftercare beneficiaries attended a prayer service that was hosted by “At His Feet Ministry” on 13 October 2018 in Durban.

The purpose of this prayer was to get women together and intercede for their children, countries, presidents, homes, schools and communities. Khumalo said the parents were happy to be part of this prayer. “I am glad that we had the opportunity to meet with other women and share the word of God. We learnt so much about love and sharing and came back motivated and encouraged”, said Khumalo. She further explained that food parcels from “At His Feet Ministry” were donated to the parents after the service.



11/14/18 10:23 AM

The Tennyson House Girls Shelter in Durban has new floor carpets, this follows after John Wesley School raised an amazing R10 000 on behalf of the shelter in 2017/2018 financial year as part of the school’s Corporate Social Investment (CSI) initiative.

John Wesley principal and Darron Tarr handed over the R10 000 cheque to the YFC/KZN Project Director, Mpho Ngidi during the AGM that was held in August.

Ngidi said the shelter was in need of new carpets and with this donation they managed to buy them. “Our carpets were old and stained. This really concerned me and it has always been our wish to get rid of them. I am glad that John Wesley made our wish come true. We appreciate the support, assistance and the donation we received”, Ngidi said.

Tarr said their learners also donated pens which were gifted to them from the BIC pens road show crew that visited their school recently. “Our foundation phase also donated toiletry bags and we hope to get more involved in social and community work”, Tarr explained.


11/2/18 8:23 AM

Youth For Christ KZN – Tennyson House recently hosted a parenting workshop for homeless teen moms. The workshop saw a number of teen moms who live on the streets and in abandoned buildings in Durban voicing out the problems and challenges that they come across.

Nomusa Ngwenya, who was speaking on behalf of homeless teen moms said they fail to give children basic needs such as proper food and shelter. “Our children eat food that we beg from people, we sleep with children in abandoned buildings, bus terminals and municipal recreational parks. We also struggle with safety and security from aggressive adults. We date people only to get food from them”, said Ngwenya. She said homeless teen moms are addicted to drugs such as glue and whoonga and this makes them have less time for their children. “Some people want us to do things for them or even work for them without compensating us”, said Ngwenya.

Marcel Tantij, Child Welfare Representative who was speaking at the workshop said teen moms must learn to take responsibility and protect children from situations of abuse, neglect and other forms of maltreatment. Tantij said foster care program and adoption options can also be considered for the sake of children safety, security and development.

“Our organisation is here to assist and advocate a safe environment for the best interest of the babies, we also assist with medical assistance, and we facilitate life skills programs that cover the issue of teenage pregnancy”, said Tantij. She said their organisation invites homeless teen moms to voice out issues of gender based violence that are encountered on the streets.

Nonku Ndima, Tennyson House Outreach Coordinator said their organisation and programs help people living on the streets of Durban with the aim of making them remember their homes that they need to return to, rather than helping them manage and survive on the street. “Our aim as an organisation is to rehabilitate and reunite the homeless with their family. Street life is a nightmare, children are neglected and do not get proper care, they are used as bait to get money that will later be spent on drugs and alcohol. We still believe that it takes a village to raise a child. It is our responsibility as an organisation to give hope, support and make a positive impact in the lives of teen moms living on the streets of our city”, said Ndima.

Tennyson House – Winter School Program

07/24/18 10:47 AM

The Tennyson House Girls Shelter ran a Winter school program during the holidays that aimed to give the team and the children more time to study and get support with the subjects they are struggling with in school.

It was also a time for other important life skills and activities to be learned for the children to be able to live independently, this included sewing and baking. The children were also able to use the time and learn computer skills with the help of the computers we have in our library.

Some time was also spent in the park for the children to relax and have fun and spend time in nature.

The Team planned out the week very efficiently so it was a very successful week and helped the children a lot.


Tennyson House – Youth Day

07/12/18 12:18 PM

The Tennyson House Project hosted a Youth day Event last week which was sponsored by one of our former beneficiaries.

The Tennyson Shelter Girls, the After Care Programme and the Change Agents were part of this event and all attendees received a cup.

We are very grateful to see young people become successful adults and it is even greater when they then take the opportunity to give back to children and youth in need.

Tennyson House – Youth Day at Eskom

06/27/18 2:09 PM

Tennyson House

Last week six children that are part of the Aftercare Programme and currently doing Grade 10,11 or 12 got the opportunity to go to Eskom in New Germany.

They were taking part in their initiative to “bring a child to work”. Eskom, New Germany Office‘s objectives for the day were to celebrate youth month with 20 young people from different schools around Durban.

Eskom addressed the children about substance abuse and gave them a career guidance by informing them about the different opportunities they have while working for Eskom. They did that by showing the group around the different departments and explaining to them i.E. how electricity is being formed.

Mr. Bala the Director Manager of KZN was encouraging the children by sharing his testimony of how he grew up in a disadvantaged community but because of the goals he set for himself, he was able to get this far.

Tennyson House

06/22/18 11:59 AM

Last week the Aftercare Parents attended a financial capability training, facilitated by Bonga from the Bridge Project. The aim was to support parents in understanding how to budget and how to create a savings plans.

Some are planning to sell plants and vegetables. Others are already sewing and selling products. The Training was a success and Nomusa, the Aftercare Manager will conduct visits to the homes to find out whether they are using the skills they have learned or if they need further support.

A great programme what are your thoughts on it?

Mandela Day

06/20/18 11:44 AM

Last Thursday Katha and Blessing had the opportunity to join the PCB for their Speednetworking for Good Event. There they were able to present the Khayalethu Project and possible activities and ideas for Mandela Day to a big group of Pietermaritzburg based Companies. It was a great Event engaging with Businesses and building networks.
If you would like to support the Khayalethu Project on Mandela Day we are in need of people who could help us with the following:
– Expansion of our Community Gardens
– Homework Programme (Educational Supplies for Community Centres)
– Sports with the Street children (Sports Equipment)
– Painting of the office walls
– the building of Jungle Gym’s
For the Tennyson House Project in Durban, we would be grateful for the following:
– Cleaning of shelter carpet
– Sport gear netball
– Bring lunch for children
– Taking children out for i.E. dinner, movie, picnic, zoo, historical place etc..


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