Khayalethu Beneficaries paint their emotions

10/12/18 3:36 PM

Khayalethu beneficiaries expressed their emotions through painting and drawing on Wednesday, 10 October 2018 during the bathing and washing program. The beneficiaries were drawing with freedom and excitement while sitting under the tree on a hot day of spring.

Blessing Zondi, Outreach Facilitator, said it is a good idea for the beneficiaries to engage in different activities and get creative. “We spend most of our time indoors and engaging in heated discussions and debates. We thought it is good to give the beneficiaries an opportunity to express their feelings and thoughts through painting and drawing. I am happy to see everyone participating and enjoying this activity”, said Zondi.

Gaba Nothi, who joined the bathing and washing program a couple of weeks ago, said her painting is about the love she has for her family. “I drew a heart on my t-shirt as a symbol for my love for my siblings. I don’t have parents and my siblings are the only thing that I have. I enjoyed this activity and cannot wait to wear my t-shirt”, said Nothi.






YFC/KZN Regional Director as guest lecturer at Seth Mokitimi Methodist Seminary

10/11/18 12:54 PM

Youth For Christ (YFC/KZN) Regional Director, Tineyi Chigunduru gave a lecture at the seminary on their Field Education Ministry (FEM) on the 6 September 2018.

The FEM Program that was one of a kind saw various missionary students, pastors and partners encouraging one another through their testimonies and life experiences. The FEM programme allows students to be exposed to practical ministry and community development programmes beyond the pulpit. Chigunduru shared his testimony that left the audience with hope, courage and determination. Chigunduru said he still remembers the day he encountered the presence of God in his life. “I remember very well the feeling I had when the hand of God touched me in 2002. I had a strong desire to go and reach out to the world through sharing the good news to the people”, said Chigunduru.

Chigunduru emphasized a generation of leaders and pastors that should not be afraid to rise to the Occasion. He made strong reference to well-known world leaders like Mandela, Gandhi, Mother Teresa, Obama and Martin Luther King that these people are well known because they rose to the occasion-they stood up to the challenges of their time. The question will be, what challenges we need to rise up to and stand against. He spoke about God’s faithfulness in our lives and encouraged the missionary students to pursue their dreams. “Dreams do come true, don’t give up on your dreams, always pursue and chase your dreams “, said Chigunduru.

Reverend Thobeka Mukambeni, who is the Head of Formation (HoF) at Seth Mokitimi Methodist Seminary explained the importance of acknowledging the presence of God. ”All that we are and have achieved is only through the unmerited favor of God. Today we are parents and have functional families because of God’s grace and we need to acknowledge it”, said Mukambeni.


10/1/18 10:00 AM

Project Hope Administrator, Sbongile Khumalo and Marketing Communications interns attended “WE MEAN BUSINESS” SASOPSBIZ Women Session on Wednesday, 12 September in Pietermaritzburg. The SASOPSBIZ Women Session saw various successful business women in Pietermaritzburg sharing and exchanging business ideas and opinions.

Khumalo said the team has learnt a number of things, including the importance networking and marketing in the business industry. ”This was eye opening for us as Project Hope and we believe it will help us to know who is our target market and how to sell our products”, said Khumalo.

“Sessions like this give us an opportunity to network and make our business known to others. We get an opportunity to know and understand the business industry better”, said Khumalo.

Khumalo added that she encourages women to be bold, confident and fearless.” Women must fight the spirit of fear, we can achieve a lot of good things if we are fearless. We fail to do and pursue our dreams because we are afraid of what people will say and think about us. It is time we jump out of the fear box and make things happen”, said Msomi.

The CEO of SASOPSBIZ, Pumla Vilakazi advised women to look at various ways and methods that can help them expand their businesses. “Growth is important in a business. We need to identify methods that can help us identify new business opportunities and expand existing ones. Marketing your business is very essential for its growth. Let us make use of networking platforms to market and promote our businesses”, said Vilakazi.



09/29/18 11:39 AM

The outreach project continues to make a difference in the lives of those living in the streets of Pietermaritzburg. The beneficiaries of Khayalethu come on Mondays and Wednesdays every week for washing and bathing and receive a meal at one of our shelters in Pine Street.

The Washing and Bathing Mentor, Blessing Zondi said he is happy to see an increase in the number of beneficiaries who are making use of the program. “The number of our beneficiaries has increased and we had a beautiful session today. We had an opportunity to exchange opinions and ideas with our beneficiaries and this is an indication that we are going somewhere as an organisation”, said Zondi.

Phukz Zua, who is one of the beneficiaries of Washing and Bathing said, if it was not for programs like this his life would be worse than what it is now.” I cannot imagine my life without this centre. This is where I find hope and courage to change my life and reunite with my family one day. We get to sit with people we know and who cares and loves us”.

Another beneficiary, Phaki Mmeli said, he loves the program and hope to have one of his own one day. “I would also love to have my own organisation similar to this one, so that I can have a good influence in the life of others. We find peace here since we pray and share the word of God. I am sure that our lives will change for the better one day. We get the opportunity to bath and wash our clothes in this centre. I am so clean that you cannot even tell that I live on the street”, said Mmeli.


09/27/18 11:32 AM

Youth For Christ (YFC/KZN) has launched Project Hope in style on Friday, 14 September 2018 in Pietermaritzburg. Project Hope that is aimed at generating income through entrepreneurship will change the lives of women, youth and children living in various communities of Pietermaritzburg and Durban.

The project that is one of a kind will be an income generation initiative that will promote independence, community development and sustainability.

The Regional Director of YFCKZN, Tineyi Chigunduru said he is happy to see so much progress within the organization and hope that women and young people will make use of this incredible opportunity. Chigunduru said that the organization continues to give hope to children and to encourage independence in women and young people, Project Hope will change the lives of many people and many homes. Giving hope to children, young people and women remains our primary objective”, said Chigunduru.

Chigunduru added that the organization continues to initiate programs that will prevent children from going into the streets. “We strive to prevent homelessness and women exploitation in our communities and beyond”, says Chigunduru.

Buyisile Zimu, who is one of Project Hope beneficiaries said YFC programs and community workers have made a positive impact in her life and the life of her children. “We are so grateful for all the work that YFC does and we will continue to work together as women and other organizations in fighting poverty and unemployment. “We look forward to this project and hope it will help us to take our lives and the lives of our loved ones to the next level”, said Zimu.

AGM – 2018

08/31/18 11:48 AM

We are happy to report that YFC/KZN had a successful AGM on Thursday. Thank you to our donors and partners who attended, and for the value they add to the work of Youth for Christ.

A special thank you to John Wesley School for their generous donation of R10 000 towards our work, as well toiletries for our beneficiaries. Thank you also to Nokwanda Zulu for sharing her touching testimony with us.


Internship – Training

08/21/18 10:55 AM

Equipping and skilling our interns is vital to their growth and development for future success.

During the last two weeks, the Interns that are part of the Internship Programm had training. The topics covered were group work and professionalism. With journaling, sessions and games the interns learn more about all different aspects of being a Team player and Professional, which will help them a lot in the work with the children.


Change Agents – Peer Educator Training

08/6/18 10:00 AM

The Change Agents Project ran a winter holiday camp for the Peer Leaders who are a very important aspect of our work.

We all have stories to tell and what these young people shared gave the Team a good idea of the challenges the Peer Leaders are dealing with and what needs to be looked at.

They all shared their stories of how life would have been different with caring parents. One of the peers wrote the following poem.

What kind of a mother are you

You chose a man over your daughter

You left me a house so that I can stay alone, where is the warmth in that house

Who do I share my happiness and frustrations with?

How do you even sleep at night knowing very well that you left a girl child alone?

I feel like an orphan yet you are alive

I had to change schools 6 times just because in every school I get bullied

Who should I tell, who will fight for me?

In grade 9 I almost went to jail because I stabbed a girl, who was a close friend

I shared my misery with her but then when we had an argument she called me an orphan

You’re very happy taking care of your stepchildren but you abandoned me.

I almost got rapped when someone was trying to get into the house at night while I was alone

And all you said was why I didn’t lock the door….

What kind of mother are you

It would’ve been better to know that you died.


Khayalethu – Awareness Campagne

07/26/18 10:58 AM

The Khayalethu Care Unit organized an Awareness Campagne for the children from our Community Centres as well as children that the Outreach Team works with on the streets.

The South African Police Department gave a talk on substance abuse and the consequences of using drugs and how crime can affect their future. They also emphasized that the police are there to help and protect them and shouldn’t be their enemy. Whizzkidz talked about the services they do, and also spoke about abstinence and how to make the right choices.

Yandi and Makhosi also shared their testimonies. Yandi was a drug user and had lost hope in life but with the help of YFC, he was able to go to Siyakhula Rehabilitation and is now attending school. He motivated other young children not TO do drugs because they can turn your life upside down.

Makhosi shared her story about the difficulties of being a teen mother and how God has been good to her. She wanted to abort her child when she found out she was pregnant but was lead on the right track and found people that helped her through raising a child while being a teenager. She told the children that they should wait for the right partner and time to have children but even when it happens that there are people who can help.

The event was a great success where our beneficiaries were able to hear about life stories and how important it is for them to make the right choices.

Tennyson House – Winter School Program

07/24/18 10:47 AM

The Tennyson House Girls Shelter ran a Winter school program during the holidays that aimed to give the team and the children more time to study and get support with the subjects they are struggling with in school.

It was also a time for other important life skills and activities to be learned for the children to be able to live independently, this included sewing and baking. The children were also able to use the time and learn computer skills with the help of the computers we have in our library.

Some time was also spent in the park for the children to relax and have fun and spend time in nature.

The Team planned out the week very efficiently so it was a very successful week and helped the children a lot.



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The Khayalethu Outreach Program supported the official opening of the Northdale Clinic on Friday, 30 November 2018.

The Northdale Clinic Operations Manager, Lkamonie Bennie said it was important for the clinic to be opened officially, to make its existence and services known to the Northdale community.
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3 days ago

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YFC/KZN embark on the International 16 Days of Activism campaign that focuses on raising increased awareness of the negative impact that violence and abuse have on women and children. The campaign started on Sunday, 25 November and ends on Monday, 10 December.

Violence and abuse remain a deeper social ill and problem in our communities, therefore, we need to stand up and say No to Violence against Women and Children.
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6 days ago

Yfc Kzn


The Tennyson House Girls Shelter hosted a reunification workshop on Saturday, 24 November 2018 at Burman Bush Park. The purpose of this workshop was to prepare both the parents and children for the reunification as the children will be returning to their respective homes, families and communities soon.
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7 days ago

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YFC/KZN attended the launch of Imbali Active Studio that was held at the Greater Edendale Mall on Saturday, 24 November 2018. The launch was supported by various stakeholders, youth and uMsunduzi Municipality.
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1 week ago

Yfc Kzn


Epworth High School pupils had an outreach program for the “Khayalethu Community Drop-in Centres” on Tuesday, 20 November 2018. The pupils spent three hours planting spinach, cabbage and beetroot seedlings in Swapo, Masons and Mountain Rise informal settlement.
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