Khayalethu Beneficaries paint their emotions

10/12/18 3:36 PM

Khayalethu beneficiaries expressed their emotions through painting and drawing on Wednesday, 10 October 2018 during the bathing and washing program. The beneficiaries were drawing with freedom and excitement while sitting under the tree on a hot day of spring.

Blessing Zondi, Outreach Facilitator, said it is a good idea for the beneficiaries to engage in different activities and get creative. “We spend most of our time indoors and engaging in heated discussions and debates. We thought it is good to give the beneficiaries an opportunity to express their feelings and thoughts through painting and drawing. I am happy to see everyone participating and enjoying this activity”, said Zondi.

Gaba Nothi, who joined the bathing and washing program a couple of weeks ago, said her painting is about the love she has for her family. “I drew a heart on my t-shirt as a symbol for my love for my siblings. I don’t have parents and my siblings are the only thing that I have. I enjoyed this activity and cannot wait to wear my t-shirt”, said Nothi.







09/29/18 11:39 AM

The outreach project continues to make a difference in the lives of those living in the streets of Pietermaritzburg. The beneficiaries of Khayalethu come on Mondays and Wednesdays every week for washing and bathing and receive a meal at one of our shelters in Pine Street.

The Washing and Bathing Mentor, Blessing Zondi said he is happy to see an increase in the number of beneficiaries who are making use of the program. “The number of our beneficiaries has increased and we had a beautiful session today. We had an opportunity to exchange opinions and ideas with our beneficiaries and this is an indication that we are going somewhere as an organisation”, said Zondi.

Phukz Zua, who is one of the beneficiaries of Washing and Bathing said, if it was not for programs like this his life would be worse than what it is now.” I cannot imagine my life without this centre. This is where I find hope and courage to change my life and reunite with my family one day. We get to sit with people we know and who cares and loves us”.

Another beneficiary, Phaki Mmeli said, he loves the program and hope to have one of his own one day. “I would also love to have my own organisation similar to this one, so that I can have a good influence in the life of others. We find peace here since we pray and share the word of God. I am sure that our lives will change for the better one day. We get the opportunity to bath and wash our clothes in this centre. I am so clean that you cannot even tell that I live on the street”, said Mmeli.

Khayalethu – Awareness Campagne

07/26/18 10:58 AM

The Khayalethu Care Unit organized an Awareness Campagne for the children from our Community Centres as well as children that the Outreach Team works with on the streets.

The South African Police Department gave a talk on substance abuse and the consequences of using drugs and how crime can affect their future. They also emphasized that the police are there to help and protect them and shouldn’t be their enemy. Whizzkidz talked about the services they do, and also spoke about abstinence and how to make the right choices.

Yandi and Makhosi also shared their testimonies. Yandi was a drug user and had lost hope in life but with the help of YFC, he was able to go to Siyakhula Rehabilitation and is now attending school. He motivated other young children not TO do drugs because they can turn your life upside down.

Makhosi shared her story about the difficulties of being a teen mother and how God has been good to her. She wanted to abort her child when she found out she was pregnant but was lead on the right track and found people that helped her through raising a child while being a teenager. She told the children that they should wait for the right partner and time to have children but even when it happens that there are people who can help.

The event was a great success where our beneficiaries were able to hear about life stories and how important it is for them to make the right choices.

Khayalethu – Holiday Club

07/12/18 2:14 PM

The Khayalethu community staff ran a community Holiday Club at the Raisethorpe community centre for all community children from the 25-29 June 2018.

The holiday club ended was a massive success. There was an average of 130 Children attending the Holiday Club every day.

Each day the program started with Khayalethu community workers collecting children from there community centres and dropping them at the Raisethorpe community centre. We then started the program with some prayer and singing led by the children themselves.

After that, we had a lesson on the topic of Hygiene. The children learned lessons on the importance to handwashing, how germs spread, why we need clean drinking water, how to make a water tap out of recyclable materials and how to keep healthy.

The YDC’s then led a Bible story daily. This was a drama to teach the story. The bible stories covered over the course of the week looked at children in the Bible who made a difference.

After the Bible story, the children formed smaller groups and that group time consisted of some questions and discussion to reinforce the hygiene lesson, as well as the bible story and then games, were played. This time of the day was very special as it gave staff and interns a chance to connect more personally with individual children.

After group time lunch was served. We were very fortunate to have some food donations over the course of the week. With those donations we were able to feed the children Bunny Chows for 1 day, Jam and Peanut Butter sandwiches for 1 day, Polony sandwiches for 2 days and Romans Pizza as a special treat on Friday. We are grateful to Romans pizza PMB, the individual who donated bunnies and Albany Bread for the donations over the course of the week. These donors helped us ensure our kids left the holiday club with full tummies and happy hearts.

A special thank you needs to go to Sanitech for the subsidized porta-loos that were donated for the week. The Raisethorpe community centre is still waiting for a permanent toilet to be put in and there was some concern with how the week would function without toilet facilities. Sanitech gave us two toilets for the total cost of R500. This fee was paid for by a Kind Sponsor in Australia (Dr. Dylan Barth).

We are also appreciative to Raisethorpe Catholic church and Father Basil for the privilege to run Holiday Club at the community centre which is situated on their property.



Khayalethu Project – Parents Workshop

07/12/18 12:25 PM

Last week the Social Work Team facilitated a Parents Workshop for all the Parents of Children that are part of the Aftercare Program.

They had a conversation about the problems each family is facing and how YFC can assist them. At the end of the day, one of the beneficiaries shared the story of his life on the street and the support structures that helped him become the men he is now.


06/20/18 12:33 PM

Youth supporting Youth on Youth Day.

We are so grateful for the support of Epworth School. The Matriculants together with the help of the primary School was able to provide Khayalehtu with an amazing 376 loaves of Sandwiches. We appreciate all your hard work and contribution and are happy to have such a great Partnership with this school.

Mandela Day

06/20/18 11:44 AM

Last Thursday Katha and Blessing had the opportunity to join the PCB for their Speednetworking for Good Event. There they were able to present the Khayalethu Project and possible activities and ideas for Mandela Day to a big group of Pietermaritzburg based Companies. It was a great Event engaging with Businesses and building networks.
If you would like to support the Khayalethu Project on Mandela Day we are in need of people who could help us with the following:
– Expansion of our Community Gardens
– Homework Programme (Educational Supplies for Community Centres)
– Sports with the Street children (Sports Equipment)
– Painting of the office walls
– the building of Jungle Gym’s
For the Tennyson House Project in Durban, we would be grateful for the following:
– Cleaning of shelter carpet
– Sport gear netball
– Bring lunch for children
– Taking children out for i.E. dinner, movie, picnic, zoo, historical place etc..

Khayalethu – Azusa

06/5/18 11:48 AM

Thank you so much Azusa Pacific

Sam, Ali, Allison, Cobie, Easton, Hailey, Hannah and Reily we are so grateful for your support and service with us in the last seven weeks. You have shown the kids love and were a great help in our daily Mission to give hope to children and youth.

Have a great time in Capetown and a safe trip back to the States. We will never forget you.

Khayalethu – Varsity College

06/5/18 11:37 AM

Yesterday Ntombi and Katha went to Varsity College Pietermaritzburg for their annual NGO Connex.

It was a great time engaging with students and explaining to them about YFC KZN and how they can get involved in community service. We are looking forward to a great Partnership with Varsity College.


Khayalethu Project

03/8/18 8:43 AM

Gardening plays a big part in our Community work Strategy. It helps the children develop as they learn that they can grow vegetables for themselves as long as they continue taking care of their garden.

The children in Mountainrise were all working together cleaning up their garden area and preparing it for new seedlings.



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