Khayalethu – Epworth School

11/7/17 12:36 PM

Yesterday we had the opportunity to speak at Epworth School in Pietermaritzburg. The students were very interested and listened carefully to what Katha told them about the General work YFC KZN does and also what Greg told them about the Streetwork they are doing.

The Girls are going to do a competition over the next two weeks and the house that collects the most bread, jam, juice and peanut butter will be delivering the sandwiches to the kids we are working with.
We are very grateful for their great support and are looking forward to a great partnership. May God bless you all.

Khayalethu – Job hunting

10/31/17 12:11 PM

Last week the Out of School Youth Project was doing  training on Communication skills and how to do a Job Interview properly. They have also been helping individuals on improving different skills like welding, sewing and customer service etc.

At the end of the training they went  on a job hunting tour through Pietermaritzburg. The young people were able to leave their CV’s with different companies. They would be also very happy if someone could offer them further training or a job opportunity. We wish all of you all the best for your job search.

Khayalethu – Thank you API Students

10/25/17 1:54 PM

We would like to thank Isaac, Emily and Carina for their service with us in the past 2 months. They are Students from Azusa Pacific University in California, USA and were here in Southafrica for a Semester abroad.

They were working half days in the Outreach team and the other half in the Community. We really appreciate your time and that you choose us to serve our Lord. May God bless you!

Khayalethu – Holiday Programme Mafunze

10/25/17 1:15 PM

Last week the Peer Leaders from the CBD Community Centre have organised a Holiday Programme in our Community in Mafunze. Everyday the Peer Leaders have done a life skills sessions. With the help of a Drama or Game they were able to teach the children about topics like Family, Values, Self-esteem, Decision making and Character Building.

The Camp was an overall success and we are proud of our Peer Leaders from the CBD to have organised such an educational and fun Holiday Programme


Feedback from young people living on the streets

09/29/15 11:34 AM

When asked what you are good at, the Outreach Team gathered the following responses from young people living on the streets:

  • I can sing and I am good in using my hands
  • I can cook, write and clean anywhere
  • I can play soccer
  • I am good in gardening
  • I am good in communicating with people


Physical and Social Development

09/11/15 3:18 PM

The girls at Khayalethu Residential Care thoroughly enjoyed taking part in the Spar Women’s Race on 23 August in Pietermaritzburg.


Companion Planting in Masukwane

09/11/15 3:17 PM

The peer educators from Masukwane were great role models within their community as they set up an event on the 14th August called “Sondela Senze Ushintsho”, which translates to “Come closer and make a difference”.


Mxolisi – a sensible child or a classic child labour victim?

09/11/15 3:16 PM

Mxolisi comes from a home that is very poor. No adult in the family is employed. Mxolisi decided that he would go to the nearby farm to do some work, where he is given oranges by the farmer. He then takes the oranges and sells them in the community to make some money for bread and other items for his home.


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