Internship – Training

08/21/18 10:55 AM

Equipping and skilling our interns is vital to their growth and development for future success.

During the last two weeks, the Interns that are part of the Internship Programm had training. The topics covered were group work and professionalism. With journaling, sessions and games the interns learn more about all different aspects of being a Team player and Professional, which will help them a lot in the work with the children.


Internship – Plastic Pollution

06/5/18 12:18 PM

On Sunday was international Earth day to raise awareness about Plastic pollution that it is poisoning the oceans and land, injuring marine life, and affecting our health.

The Internship Project took that as a chance and talked about Plastic Pollution in their training. They looked at the problem of plastic and how it doesn’t decompose.

They also talked about the problem of single-use plastic and what they could personally do to make an impact (eg using reusable bags for shopping and sharing the information with others).

They also used some plastic rubbish and recycled them into containers, toys, jewellery etc. to learn to reuse plastic instead of throwing it away.

Internship Programme

02/7/18 11:25 AM

We are excited to introduce you to our new Khayalethu and Tennyson House Interns. This year we have 6 Interns in Pietermaritzburg and 9 in Durban.

We wish them all the best for their new job, training and a successfull year with YFC.


I learnt so much

09/29/15 11:30 AM

I have learnt so much about children, children’s rights and responsibilities, the importance of playing, how to play and entertain children, games, different learning styles, creative facilitation techniques, filler games and ice breakers, intentional conversations, being more professional, appropriate CV writing, interviews, problem solving, to open the bible, to work with people, to give children support and love, to understand children and the importance of planning and hoping


Relationship Building Session

09/11/15 3:09 PM

As part of the Relationship Building session, the interns looked at community development, confidentiality, youth work with minimal resources and outreach skills. Through these sessions interns were able to learn many different things about building relationships with young people.


Interns Family Day

09/11/15 3:08 PM

On 27th July we help a family day for the Khayalethu interns at the Pine Street boys shelter.

The families of all interns were invited in order to try and help the families better understand the work we do at Khayalethu, the interns place within this work, and also the purpose of the Internship Pro-gram.

The day was mostly facilitated by the interns, we took turns explaining the role of each team. The explained the work they do and what they learn from being apart of the Internship program. Each team had some practical demonstrations of what they do as part of their work.


First Aid Training

09/11/15 3:03 PM

The first year interns attended a two day training with St. John’s Ambulance. This training was a level one first aid training, giving the interns the skills to assist children and youth (as well as older people) if first aid emergencies should arise.



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