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Sex and Abstinence Lifeskills

09/11/15 3:05 PM

Change Agents organised a workshop with Grade 7 learners at Maphephetheni. On the first day of the programme they had 41 learners and they were very excited to be part of the programme. The team did a drama called “Sex and Abstinence” and the learners shared what they had seen and learned.


Youth taking part in small businesses

09/11/15 12:55 PM

Ikhethelo Youth Development is bringing about change to the youth by doing different activities with them such as baking and gardening.


Abused and how to get help

09/11/15 12:52 PM

Together with 7 peer leaders at Bongumusa Primary School, Change Agents conducted a session with the Grade 4’s. The session was about how to get help if you have been abused or discriminated against because of your HIV status. The learners were happy to attend this lesson as leaders introduced the topic by an ice breaker which made it easier for the learners to open up to one another.


Awareness through a Drama

09/11/15 12:47 PM

The edutainment team do a wonderful work teaching young people about pregnancy awareness using the medium of dance and drama. There was a 1 day programme in Pietermaritzburg


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