Abused and how to get help

09/11/15 12:52 PM

Together with 7 peer leaders at Bongumusa Primary School, Change Agents conducted a session with the Grade 4’s. The session was about how to get help if you have been abused or discriminated against because of your HIV status. The learners were happy to attend this lesson as leaders introduced the topic by an ice breaker which made it easier for the learners to open up to one another. They discussed different types of abuse that they are aware of. During their lesson they touched on how a person can contract the virus, how it spreads and how they can prevent people from getting it. To wrap up the session one of the peer leaders shared her story about how she got out of an abusive relationship. This made other learners more comfortable to open up and share their stories of abuse as well. At the end of the lesson one learner came to the facilitators to share her story about her abusive family. This was a bold step to share her story and seek help. She said that sometimes she goes to bed with an empty stomach because of her abusive grandmother. She also arrives late at school because she has to do all the house chores before she leaves for school. The facilitator promised that Change Agents would conduct a home visit and see how best they can support this child.


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